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Welcome to 3rd Grade!

We will S.O.A.R. to new heights! :)

S=self control

O=on task



Elizabeth Lane Elementary Students S-O-A-R!

Dear Third Graders and Families,

I hope you all have had a wonderful and relaxing summer. I can't wait for our school year to start. We will be learning so many things, having fun, making new friends, and becoming awesome third graders! I look forward to seeing you all at Open House on August 25th. Please plan on bringing your supplies or a pre-ordered supply pack should be in the classroom when you arrive. Throughout the year, we will be updating the calendar (on this page) so be sure to check it often! My google site and the third grade google site will serve as a communication tool between us all year. Please check for upcoming events, curriculum information, website lists and links, classroom needs and wishes, and other important information. I look forward to a fabulous school year of learning and fun! See you soon!


Ms. Trotman

Upcoming Literacy Topics:

Reader's Workshop - Picking Just Right Books, Real Reading vs Fake Reading, Increasing our Reading Stamina

Upcoming Math Topics:

Place value review, adding and subtracting 2 and 3 digit number using a variety of strategies (number line, expanded form, arrow cards)

Upcoming Science Topics:

Using the Scientific Method - Thinking Like a Scientist

Upcoming Social Studies Topics:

Classroom Citizens


Please see the agenda for homework.

Look for a Student Survey to come on Tuesday, August 26th. Please discuss the questions with your child and then we would like for you, the PARENT, to fill out the answers. These will be due back after Labor Day.

Welcome to our class website! Here you will be able to see what we are doing and important information and dates.

ELE website
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